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A little update for Spring

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2008, 8:12 AM

My account is quite quiet currently, even though I am active on dA, answering messages in Suggestions and Programming forum, commenting on deviations, trying to catch up on my overfull deviantWatch list... And I keep discovering interesting deviants!
I don't draw much, I program a bit, I am planning to participate to a few contests even though I am not sure to meet the deadlines... So I don't promise anything.
I have some old drawings scanned, but I have to do a bit of clean up before posting them, so I postpone them a bit...

Anyway, I though I could make a little casual journal to give some news and show I am still here...

As you can see, I am subscribed again! Yay for CSS experiments and beta testing (currently Portfolios!). And a bit more comfort in browsing and managing the message center. I might try to do a new poll too.
My current one year subscription is thanks to Age2003 after the contest he held and that I won. He was away from dA for a while, that's why I was unsubscribed for some time, but it's OK, real life has to have a higher priority than dA life...
And one morning, I had the pleasure to see a FedEx man bringing an envelope from California to me. Inside, there was the nice Fella plushie! I am happy (I am fond of plushies!) and so are my children.. ;) (That's the other part of the prize.)

spyed has put my Watching you? script in his collection of deviantART Ideas which was some time in the top of collections, bringing even more faves to an already appreciated script...
Somehow, my Greasemonkey scripts are more popular than most of my drawings... :( Actually, it is logical: I am a professional programmer, trained for that and with quite some experience, while I am an amateur artist, self-taught and with less experience (I don't do that for a living!). So it is OK, I suppose, and the attention is still appreciated.

Another good news: I have now a new computer. Not a fancy super-modern one with a gazillion of cores, a "simple" Pentium 4 of 2004, which is already better than the previous one... The good thing is that I paid nothing for it: my company has moved to a new place (not far of the previous one, but with lot more space) and some computers and screens were deemed as obsolete and promised to recycling... But they allowed some employees to take one each, and most of them went this way... I grabbed the computer, a keyboard and mouse, and a cathodic 17" screen. And the Windows XP Pro license coming with the computer! It would use some more memory, but it is OK, and I type these words on it.

Oh, and I might get some things from my Amazon Wish List because I helped somebody re-coding a site (the main page and the Pizza & Wings page). The design is the original one, but I re-coded it entirely to use modern CSS and HTML instead of tables and monolithic big background image...

That's all for today, see you soon!
Oh, and take a look at my faves, there are beautiful things there!

  • Listening to: Herbie Hancock - Rock It
  • Reading: G. Hernandez - Palomar City
  • Watching: My devWatch backlog!
  • Drinking: Water, the best drink!
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Damaged927 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sound's like things are going well for you:D New computers always make everything better as well :boogie:
philho Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes. That's not the computer I was dreaming of, but it will get the things rolling! And that's a good thing.
Damaged927 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
And upgrade (regardless of how large or small) is always a good thing ;)
shadowspark Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2008
Hey! Thanks for the update.^^ I'm really impressed by your greasemonkey story. I wish I was good at programming, but it's overwhelming, trying to learn these languages..:o As for your art, it's hard to get recognition with all the competition. Plus everyone just goes for the stupid fanarts, so don't feel to bad about it. I'll do better to comment your drawings, though.^^ I could try and critique them to help you get better if you like.=)
philho Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, at the start, I was, like most newbies, annoyed to be ignored. Then I knew better, and figured out that on a site with 6 millions of accounts and 50 millions of deviations, if you are not crazily good (which I am not), you will be unnoticed. Well, I even saw people with excellent skills being unnoticed just because they don't communicate...
So I frequented a lot the thumbshare forum, I comment on other people's deviations (because I love art), I make a presence on dA.. And I start to have some pageviews and watchers... Not too bad, nothing to complain about, for sure!
Funnily, I can attribute some faves I get to the search feature, guessing it is with keywords like titanic, bedroom, gymanstics or "little nemo"... =)

Anyway, your input is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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March 22, 2008